Concrete Epoxy Coating

Concrete Epoxy Coating

A big number of homeowners and entrepreneurs use epoxy coating as a finishing touch for their concrete floors. And there is a good reason for this. Maybe you should consider joining that group of people and start using concrete epoxy coating as well. Although many people think that there is absolutely no difference between epoxy and paint, it is actually far from truth. There is a big difference – both in the terms of chemicals and performance.

Epoxy is very different from paint, and the reason why is because it is actually a hard resin, while paint is made of latex acrylic. While paint is known for drying, epoxy is known for curing. If you are not a professional when it comes to the flooring industry, these two materials probably look very similar to each other, but they are actually not.

The Difference Between Epoxy and Paint
Besides chemicals and performance, another thing that sets the two of them apart is the way that they are applied, and the materials don’t act the same as well. So, if your old concrete floor needs a renovation, you should definitely go for an epoxy. Not only that the epoxy coating is one of the best materials for updating the look of your concrete floor, but it can also prevent future wear and tear, and it is much better than paint for various reasons.

Epoxy Is Resistant to Many Different Types of Chemicals
We all know that harsh chemicals can cause some serious damage to a typical concrete floor. Well, let me tell you that epoxy is very strong – in fact, it is so strong that those same chemicals that would cause a lot of damage to a typical concrete floor wouldn’t even be able to scratch the epoxy.

You can try spilling bleach, fluid, and just about anything else that you can think of on an epoxy-covered surface, and there should be absolutely no negative effects visible. Because of this, epoxy is always a great choice for hospitals, automotive garages, and chemical plants.

Hot Tires Shouldn’t Be Able to Damage Epoxy
Another reason why epoxy coating is such a good choice is because it shouldn’t get damaged by the hot tires of your car. Rubber tires usually get hot after a long drive, and such tires could cause some damage to low-quality coatings. When it comes to epoxy, however, this is usually not an issue, especially when it gets applied by a professional flooring contractor.

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